Friday, April 30, 2010

Kettlebell Torture?

So it seems the common thread from my last blog and the responses I received, here and on CK is that it's mostly about being in the right headspace, what that is for everyone and how you get there and maintain it, well it's all relative to the individual.  I do maintain though that truly getting honest with yourself which is difficult, is also a huge contributor well at least in my case!

So I had my double training session Tuesday, in the morning at boot camp I felt very flat like I was struggling to get through sand, I gave it my all but I didn't feel it was up to par.  By the evening though I seemed to have found somewhat of a second wind to get through Trainer Christian's session, which was Kettlebell torture.

We started off with a warm up set, all the girls got 8kg, the boy in the session got a 12kg.  We were put through a variety of moves using one arm, so left arm swing then down for pushups, right arm swing down for pushups, there were four or five different moves I can't remember! Then a jog.  When we came back he increased the weights he told all the girls to grab a 12kg and the guy had to go with a 16kg.  Gee he struggled!  I honestly was concerned I could not do the single arm snatch and press with a 12kg so I kept the 8kg thinking I was doing the right thing in giving it a go but having the other one there so I could continue if need be.  Well guess what!?! Despite my I will give it a go attitude Trainer Christian did not approve, "planning to fail means you expect to fail" he said as he walked away with the 8kg kettlebell! Should I be grateful that the time span for each set was reduced, I did have difficulty hiking that damn thing up in the air but so did everyone else so I just did what I was told! hehehehe

This is not the end of the story... after that set and our jog we were told we were picking one movement and going hell for leather for 20 secs to get as many reps out as possible (20 secs per arm).  For three sets.  We then had to look at our cumulative totals, we were told to give it our all!  After all collapsing to the floor we were then told we were doing two sets and we had to beat our highest cumulative score both times or we would have to sit out, however sitting out would be frought with a punishment and not seen as a way to get out of doing anything.  Fearful of what might be we all killed it with improvements of at least one! Then finally after a break we were told one set and to beat our last highest cumulative score, which freak me out now we all managed if not by the skin of our teeth.  After that we were given a killer ab routine interspersed with a nightmarish amount of bicycles ending with a plank that we were told if anyone dropped we would ALL have to do 200 bicycles, luckily no one dropped although it sounded like a couple came close!

So all the squating from the kettlebell swings (did I mention that was the move we all selected, like anyone was going for the snatch and press hehehehehehe) I am left with inner thighs that feel like they've been sewn on with a dirty needle!  Ouchies..... it's OK when I'm sitting and it's OK once I've been moving for about 10 minutes, it's that time inbetween when you try to stand up from your chair and then attempt to walk that causes the most grief! 

Yesterday at boot camp we had boxing which wasn't too bad at least most of the focus was in the arms, which I'm sure I will feel tomorrow, but when we had to kicks, shuffles and high knees *grunts* torture is all I can think of! Ahhhh well it means I'm working hard right? 

I managed a jog this morning, funnily enough the jogging was OK, the walking hurt more, so the positive side I ended up jogging much more of the route than I have before including two hills I previously walked!  Yay me!  Tomorrow I am meeting a friend for coffee we are going down the beach for a run first, as I try to get in as much running as I can over the next week in preparation of the Mother's Day Classic!  Trainer Nate says he's running it too, I don't know if he plans on running it with me which means I may end up holding him back... or if he just plans to run it... no biggy will be nice to see a familiar face maybe if we can find each other in the crowd.....

Yay it's Friday have a great weekend one and all!  Work hard, play hard, train hard, and eat well! :D

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