Saturday, April 17, 2010

Relaxation, more goals...

How heavenly was this morning, I finally used one of my "Booty Camper of the Year (2009)" prize vouchers and went and got a full body massage, oh heaven, I'm still revelling in the smell of the oil she used.  I bought a few products with the rest of the voucher and plan on going back in a few weeks for a heavenly facial, maybe I'll throw in a back massage as well. 

I floated around for the rest of day, did a little shopping but think I must have looked like I was high! hehehehhehe

On top of that I weighed in 100g off my 40kg lost mark.... ohhhhhh so close hehehehehe, almost in the 80's how exciting BUT officially now under 200 pounds... for those imperialists.... there seems to be something much more exotic about saying 86 pounds lost although I shouldn't minimise 39 or 40kg it's still quite as impressive isn't it?! :D

So another thing I've always wanted is a bustier, I think they are very sexy.  I tried one on during the week and fell in love, however, it was suggested that I do down a body size (and up a cup size) and lo and behold they didn't have that size in stock.... but I have been a very cheeky girl and have found the style in the size I need online... and on special (how lucky am I with that these days).  So the order has been placed! :D  I also picked up some more workout gear... hahaha I am obsessed and the workout pants were all size 12.  Now don't get me wrong I'm nowhere near about to run around and scream I am size 12 I know I'm not, but it's always great to have some pieces in your wardrobe that make you feel so great and make you want to work harder! :D

Early night me thinks to maximise that lovely massage! :D

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

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  1. Challenge starts today love.

    Oh, and I love the bustiers as well :)
    I am waiting till the rest of my boobs fade away though :( I bought a whole heap of nice bras and stuff that now don't fit, so I am rolling with Target and Kmart bras until I am done.

    AND, massages are awesome. Be careful, you might get addicted!!!