Thursday, April 22, 2010


So I am pulling up OK.  Yesterday my legs were S.O.R.E.  I pushed through on a 5.5km run in the morning.  This morning at boot camp we did boxing and once again my trainer truely took a hammering too me, including burpees, just for me.... aren't I lucky? :P  But I am not as incapacitated as last time, so that's a good improvement that I'm pleased with (although there is still the possibility of waking up tomorrow with a different story! hehe).  Tomorrow I am taking a rest day whew, but have plans for a hill session and a longer run over the weeekend. 

I bought new running shoes, which I wore yesterday morning so will be breaking them in for the Mother's Day Classic.  And how lucky is this, because I know how important it is to go with the fit and comfort of a shoe, I tend to end up with crappy colours like green! WTF! hehehehehehe why they even make a women's shoe in green I don't know, anyway, this time not only did I get best fit and comfort, I got pretty purple! My favourite colour yay me! :D hehehehehe

So things are going well on my 12 week challenge with Jess I've even already completed my first effort at climbing all 11 flights of stairs at work!  Everything is on track for the first week so all is good and well. 

Next week I am back with my sister and Trainer Christian.  So that will be another hard session.

Aside from that I'm really enjoying my new boots! hehehehehehe!  Actually I'm enjoying all my new clothes and love getting dressed in the morning, which makes a change! :D

One more day and a long weekend!  Enjoy enjoy and remember double demerits so drive/travel safely!

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  1. I needed the challenge back as well... god damn I have been missing it. I need something like that to make sure I did the exercise!!

    Good run too. I am going to do a LONG walk tonight, but that's it. This C25K caper is killing me, lol.