Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Boots!

Come on you didn't expect me to let this milestone pass without blogging it !? :D  These are my new boots, aren't they purdy!  I have difficulty with getting boots to fit around my calves so I nearly wet my pants when I found these in Target and they fit! AND they were 25% off! 

So I wore them with my new skirt on Monday BUT then on Tuesday I wandered into Katies and there was this grey dress that I just knew was the perfect dress to go with my new boots.... it basically screamed at me TAKE ME TO YOUR BOOTS!!! bahaahahahaha..... so who could resist? The cream on the cake... or the ummmm oops I should say the hummous on the carrot, was that it's a medium! :D

So check me out! hehehehehhe actually I have a red and black dress that will go great with my new boots too, but I did love this grey one!  Fun fun fun all these new clothes to try and play with.  

My favourite comment of the week, my trainer after telling me how proud he was with me said that if I hadn't of showed him the photos he never would have known I'd been so overweight.  You have to remember I'm still getting used to my new bod and my new lifestyle and my new clothes hehehehehe sometimes I have to remind myself I'm not that heffer from last year!   I even found some old photos from when I was England about 7 years ago, and I was a good 7-10 kg heavier when I was there, so I've really surpassed all my expectations and here I am still pushing for more!  Can't ask for more than that right?

Tomorrow I have a flexi, Saturday I'm finally going to have a massage with my vouchers from my Booty Camper of the Year prize, ohhhh I can't wait! :D  Have a phenomenal weekend and if you have them, wear your boots! heheheheheheh

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  1. Love the dress! I might have to go find one too ;)
    And good news on the boots front. Its so nice to be able to wear what you want!