Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Train hard or go home.....

Whew wow well I had a one on one session with Trainer Nate last night and then Boot Camp this morning, needless to say I am past ready for my nana nap! hahahaha

He had me running up and down my stairs holding weights above my head, two stairs at a time, skipping, and heavy weights. My landlords came out and were saying to him "Don't hurt her she's a really GREAT tennant!" hahahahahaha 

I then surprised myself by still really getting into it this morning, I thought I'd be more smashed maybe it will hit me tomorrow!  My lower back was sore again this morning but I took some nurofen and it seems to have settled, I'm hoping it stays settled enough for me to do a 5km run tomorrow morning and then I think we are doing boxing again Thursday. 

Comment of the week, Trainer Nate said to me this morning he loves how I always give 100% while the other girls only seem to give up to about 90%.  He even texted me later that I did a great job.... awwwweeeee.  It's little things like that, that make me just wanna try harder! :D

So I've started a new 12 week challenge with my friend Jess (swayerm to CK members).  We've added in our goals and we track each day to see how we are going.  It helps me keep track of things like my water, and calories burnt etc, I've even added in one that involves doing the 11 flights of stairs at work at least once a week, and adding in some hill training.

I'm trying to increase the km's on my runs at the moment as I've got the Mother's Day Classic coming up very soon now.  My top, hat, socks and wrist band arrived in the mail, also my running number, and memorial card to attach to your back which made me well up a bit.  I'll be running in memory of my mum who I lost to breast cancer in 2004.  One of the reasons I pushed myself into this journey is that I was really starting to feel like I was letting her down, my weight and health were on a slippery slidey slope and I didn't feel like I was honouring her memory much by existing through life.  I'm happy to say I feel much happier about how I am honouring her these days, and this run in her memory is another big step for me.  I miss her and wish she was here.

Wish my back well, last one on one with Trainer Nate nearly incapacitated me for a week, so I'm hoping I'm showing improvement by a lessened incapacitation. :D  Early night methinks!


  1. Wow!!!!

    You have put such effort into it!!!

    Makes me want to hit the gym now, but still another week before my dr says I'll be good to go *sigh*

    Are you going to post pics of the run as well. I'm sure your mum would be very proud of you as well btw.

  2. Awww @ the mother's day classic pack... I wish I was doing it, but my mum bailed, now I have to head back to "hometown" for the weekend. Boo.
    But I did enter in the MS 5k run instead :)

    And I want links next time, lol.

    Well done on the gym sessions... I am flat out riding my bike to work atm.
    Should I ride my bike tomorrow even though I have PT at night? I really don't want to die in the arse in PT, lol.

    Have a good day ;)