Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Running, running, running....

So I nixed the treadmill this morning and went for a run around my neighbourhood!  Aren't I a good girl? :D  I got onto and mapped out a couple of different routes to check out their distance.  Of course I then went and confused myself by thinking I was doing the 5km this morning when in fact I missed a critical turn and only did the 4km.  But hey just a little over 30 mins and I was please with that, three hills I walked, but it takes me 40mins to do 4km on the treadmill, so I don't know what it is I don't feel I'm running faster outside but I must be.  I must just psych myself out with being forced to run the same speed on the tready, at least out side you can speed up down inclines, slow up when you need to etc....

Anyway it was nice, the sun was coming up and it felt good to be out in the crisp air.

On the weekend I actually did a 9.6km run/walk.  That's 3 laps around the park.  I keep reading you should train for longer than your actually fun run is going to be (I'm doing the 8km Mother's Day Classic) and well I need to start building up bigger distances for the City 2 Surf as well.  I pretty much walked the last lap but I wasn't going for any great speed I just wanted to complete all three laps, I did so in under 80 minutes, so I was quite pleased with that.

Trainer Nate is pushing me hard in Boot camp, now a days I get more reps than anyone else and instead of step ups yesterday I got to do jump squats up onto the ledge everyone else was doing step ups on!  Lucky me hey! :( 

I bought a variety pack of Uncle Toby's Oats the other week the honey, brown sugar cinnamin and golden syrup one.... I know they aren't as low GI as regular oats but I am in yummy heaven!  I like them with half a cup of low fat milk.  Mmmmmm, must be a winter thing now the weather is cooling down, needs to be a little cooler before I can pull the tag off my new winter coat.

Yesterday at lunch I just went to stretch my legs and ended up in Katies, I found a fantastic grey dress that will look AMAZING with my new knee high boots!  A top and a vest later I got out of there heheheheheheheh.  There was another dress and top I was I liked as I was leaving but I decided I needed to try to wear some of the clothes I already have! hehehehe

Happy hump day folks! :D


  1. I'm so glad I don't work anywhere near shops. My wardrobe would burst!

    Good going with the running!

  2. Lol, that's so strange... I was told that you shouldn't train full distance before race day at all!!
    I was told that if I can run 15km at home, I can do a half marathon... and that for a marathon, the longest run you should train is like 30km, because you train for the rest of the week as well, total like 100km for the week, and then the week before rest. Or something.

    But I agree with running outside. I am sure there is something SO wrong with the treadmills and their speed and stuff...
    Cos I ran 7.73kph in a triathlon and I am sure I almost die at that speed on the tready (note I also walked a little of that distance, so my running must have been faster!!)

    Happy Hump Day :)

  3. I've been leaving Wilma (my treadmill) lately and going outside to much better. I also use mapmyrun -- it's pretty handy.