Monday, April 26, 2010

Back to the 80's!!

Another major milestone!  Not only have I cracked my 40kg mark I've weighed in this morning at 88.8kg!  So not only have I hit the 80's I've truly crashed into them!  No eeking in at 89.9kg (which would still have been just as exciting!) but smash bang, 888.... hahahahha suppose I should be grateful it's not 666 then again! LOL  Measurements are coming along swimmingly very close to being out of triple figures on bust and hips!  Not long now, NOW that will be weird! :D 

So this is an exciting occasion for me, it's been well and truly over 15 years since I've been this light.  So it's weird, exciting and wonderful all at the same time! 

Went out to dinner Saturday night with the girls to Mexican, had a side salad for an entree while they had shared nachos and then got fajitas, got told wow you are being very good, gosh I figured seeing I was going out I was going the whole hog.... I smiled politely and didn't say anything, I wanted my salad and fajitas and I enjoyed them.  I'm not going to explain my food choices to people just as I won't force my choices on other people.  One of our friends thought I was making my sister feel for having nachos, which I certainly wasn't I was simply teasing her because as she tried to take some to her plate they fell over.  It's all about what each of us chooses and I'm not going to be forced into eating high calorie foods to help someone else feel better about themselves.  I had a lovely night and I didn't need to pig out to do so.  Great company, lots of laughs and of course I wore my NEW BOOTS! hehheheheheh with my jeans there was another new experience! :D

Yesterday I was supposed to do a long run but I was feeling a but out of it, so ended up doing a short walk, and today with a public holiday I'll give the long run a go.  I slept in yesterday when I shouldn't of maybe that is what left me feeling abit dopey all day.

Other than that everything is going OK, I did hill sprints on Saturday!  There were these two guys sitting on the steps at the top of the point of my sprints, but I didn't use that as an excuse, hope they had fun watching me huff and puff, I just kept my earphones on and did what I had to do. They had bikes with them but were having a smoke.... ummm OK! Anyway, I did 10, I ran 5 of them, walked 4 and then ran the last one.  So I was pleased with that and it gives me a starting point to build up to running all 10.  Of course I did a circuit of the park first, all in all it was good workout.

So tomorrow I have a double session, boot camp in the morning with Trainer Nate, training in the evening with my sister and Trainer Christian.  Hope they don't hurt me too much! :D


  1. Hey well done on the 80's!!!!

  2. Well done chick :) Told you you would beat me!!

    Hope I won't be far behind :)

    And I love seeing things like that... people coming out of the gym (the hardcore ones) lighting up a ciggie before they get in the car. Makes me cack myself. Have a good short week!