Friday, April 2, 2010

Six Week Results... Goals.... and Sand Hills for Easter

Hi all, Thursday was my end of session assessment for boot camp, gotta love em, they really do show how you are coming along!

So six weeks ago I was very proud to have hit a 6.0 on the beep test meaning after months of hard work I finally hit the average range! hehehehehehehe

Six weeks on these are my improvements:

Six weeks ago: ------------- Six weeks on
Beep test: 6.0 --------------- 7.3
Pushups one minute: 38---- 45
Wall sit: 130 secs ----------- 174
Plank: 137 secs ------------- 181   
Flexibility: 12 --------------- 14

So I'm very pleased with my improvements I love seeing how what we've been doing helps translate into these results.  Mostly I'm blown away that my flexibility went up I figured I might plateau a bit with that!

But then the scary facts to face are the next six weeks and making improvements on these new results!  But that's the great challenge isn't it?

These results coincide with the end of an online challenge I was doing with some weightloss buddies.  Only two of us finished but I'm happy to say that I achieved all my goals in that as well.

I had four goals they were (remember the total is the final 6 week figure):

Exercise calories
avg 500 per day 6 times a week for a total of 16500 - achieved 16794

Weight loss
avg half a kilo a week for a total of 3kg - achieved 3.3 kg

Water consumed
avg 3 ltrs a day for a total of 126000 mls - achieved 127000 mls

Exercise sessions
6 sessions a week for a total of 36 - achieved 36

What I really liked (we were using a spreadsheet) is that it really helped to see how and where you were going, if I had a bad water day where maybe I only had 2 litres, I tried to focus on doing a bit better on the next few days going over the average for those days to bring up the overall average, and what it does too is it shows you that the average of a week, month, six weeks can balance out and give you a much better picture than just one day!

It's that whole goal setting mentality which I believe is quite important.  It gives you a short term focus and then you re-assess and set new goals.  In weightloss this kind of thing can be the make or break for some people, but the biggest trick in it all is to not go great I achieved my goals and then go backwards, the trick is to remember to set new ones.  It doesn't have to be as big as running a marathon, it might be as small as try to do 1 man pushup.  And then when you achieve it, trying for 2 and so on and so on.

Last night I texted my sister's trainer to let him know how well I had done on my beep test and was invited to a sand hill session at Cronulla.  I did a couple of these sessions over Christmas and let me tell you they were brutal, this is where the footballers train!  Last year I had to crawl up literally from the first go and only managed four out of the five we were supposed to do.  So imagine my surprise when we got there and I was told we were doing 10!!  So my improvements were this I managed to walk up at least 3/4 of the hill before going on all fours to crawl, right at the top the hill goes almost vertical and the sand is so soft.  And I did all 10, it took me 10 minutes longer than the guys but I finished the 10 in 30 minutes which mean I averaged 3 minutes a turn, last year it took me over 5 minutes to just complete one.

So both Trainer Christian and I were happy with these improvements.  It's super hard but it's so satisfying when you are done to say I friggin did THAT!

Give me a few more months and it will be interesting to see what further improvements I can make... consider that a new goal from me! :D

Happy Easter folks!


  1. God I am a legend with that spreadsheet, right?
    I will share the blank one of google as soon as I work out how to make google docs read english from here... Lol. Only just figured out how to make blogger work!!

  2. I lived close to those sandhills and used to run past them rather than up them since they are such a killer! Its not just footballers who do their preseason's the army, police, firies etc etc. Well done!!!!