Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Enjoying Shopping Again....

Finally my tax cheque came through.... note to self pay Accountant! hehehehhe.  So one-third is straight into savings for the Snow trip in July, and most of the rest is paying things off and onto the credit card, but come on I had to leave a little bit for me right?  I have no real clothes for the cooler weather.... no winter coat, so I just popped up to Target and K-mart at lunchtime to see what there was, oh how hard it is to resist when there are sales on.  So I ended up picking up a really nice winter coat, on special and size 14!  Woohoo me.  A size 12 skirt (double woohoo) some tops and two vest tops which I've never been able to wear before due to looking crap!  But then I never would have bought a coat with a belt either.

There's something so satisfying about going into the change room and not only having clothes fit but having them look nice!  I often talked about having an hourglass shape even when I was quite large, but seriously I must have been deluding myself a lot of clothes that should have suited me didn't... oh yeah because basically I was fat! Great to see that waist back and just loving the variety of clothes opening up to me these days!

Now I say bring on the cold so I can wear my new winter coat! :D


  1. don't ask for cold weather! :) no more cold! bring in the hot weather.

  2. Yay thats great Tia!!! You have done amazingly well! I find your blog really inspiring.

    I was in Target the other day and had to restrain myself from buying up on coats!! They have some great ones at the moment and so cheap on sale!!! I am holding out until a bit closer to winter and then I plan on buying a red trench coat!!
    I love the cold weather and I love winter clothes!