Thursday, July 1, 2010

Training training training....

Ok so busy week, I finally took a proper run... despite hitting an 11 on my beep test last week, I hadn't done a proper run since before I got sick, so I headed off on Monday night headphones blaring and did my 5.5km circuit and I was OK! hehehehehe

Tuesday I was off to my sisters and Trainer Christian, I haven't seen him for a while with all the upheaval of boot camp in the evenings and so on.  And yes Trainer Nate was OK with me trading out his session because it's the start of a new cycle and so all the newbies were being tested anyway.  He and Trainer Christian have a little bromance going on via me, they seem to get big kicks out of hearing how hard each of them push me! Bastards! hehehehehehehe

So it was a murderous session with burpees urggghhh, we had to do this rotating cycle:

10 pushups (10 crunches)
20 squats (10 crunches)
30 burpees (10 crunches)
Then we had to do a jog down to the end of the carpark which involves a hill

20 pushups (10 crunches)
30 squats (10 crunches)
10 burpees (10 crunches)

30 pushups (10 crunches)
10 squats (10 crunches)
20 burpees (10 crunches)

Then we had to do four ab moves in crunches, table top crunches, bicycle, and then legs in air, arms over head and then past thighs if that makes sense, he wanted us to do 10 of each movement then 20, 30, 40, 50, inbetween he said he'd pull people up to do some kettle bell work, in the end it was only me and my sister he pulled up, he made us do clean snatches (that's what he called them like a deadlift and then bringing the kettle bell up to shoulders ready for a press but not doing the press), 12kg kettlebell each hand for 5 reps, then he tried to make me do one rep with a 20kg kettle bell but I failed hehehehehhe twice so he dropped it to a 16kg, then I had to do 4 reps of the 12kg, one rep of the 16kg, 3 reps, 1 rep, 2 reps, 1 rep, 1 rep, 1 rep.  And then back to finishing the abs, then another run and we were done.

Let me tell you by the time I got to the 50 reps I couldn't feel anything, my abs had gone numb, I got up for the run, got down the bottom of the hill and OH MY GOD you could almost hear my abs start to scream! Ouch ouch ouch every step of the job (maybe that was just me) hehehehehehe, anyway!  I am pleased to confirm I did all my pushup reps as man pushups, although I did do the 30 in sets of 10, dropping to my knees for a few seconds and then going back into them.  So I will be pleased to report that to Trainer Nate tonight!

So a good solid session but those burpees are a damn killer!

Last night was my first proper Hypoxi session. So click on the word Hypoxi to check out the website, but here is a rough explanation:

"Localised fat deposits and cellulite are the result of our genetic predisposition to store fat in certain areas of the body. Most of us have an unevenly distributed circulatory system – which means that blood flows more readily in certain parts of the body than in others. This phenomenon is known as “fat patterning”.

Blood is the vehicle for transporting oxygen, nutrients and fatty acids throughout the body. Therefore, blood plays a crucial role in burning fat. If blood supply to a part of your body is limited, then it is harder for your muscles to source free fatty acids from this area to use as energy. Put simply, fat burns more readily in the parts of the body that have strong blood circulation than in those with poor blood supply. This fact explains why many of us find it difficult to eliminate fat and cellulite from certain areas of our body despite a dietary regimen and high level of physical activity.

So why does HYPOXI work?

Hypoxi’s founder, Dr Norbert Egger, recognised that if he could stimulate blood flow to a specific region of the body, he could accelerate the rate at which fatty acids were metabolized in that region. He also acknowledged that physical activity is critical to burning fat. Dr Egger and his team of physicians therefore set about to create a device which coupled exercise with a therapy which could increase blood flow to certain parts of the body.

HYPOXI is revolutionary because it is the first scientifically developed treatment proven to manipulate the body’s own circulatory patterns to accelerate fat loss in targeted areas of the body. In fact, independent studies have shown that HYPOXI clients lose up to 3 times greater circumference in the targeted area than that achieved with conventional exercise."

I readily admit I still have that it's a fad type thing in my mind, but let me tell you last night I did my 30 mins on the recumbent bike, and whilst I only had to get my heart rate up to 122 I have to tell you it was bloody hard work!  I even commented to the girl when she took me out of it, that it was harder than the upright which I tested on Saturday and she laughed and said she felt the same but that alot of ladies loved it, dunno found it easier to do 130 on the upright and not feel as though I was having to give it as hard but maybe that's just me!

So last night I had all measurements and weight etc, I weighed in at 85.8kg which I was more than happy with, after a day of eating and drinking and then weighing with clothes, I know I can weigh up to 2 kg's heavier by the end of the day, so I'm quite excited to see what my weekend weigh-in will bring, I thought 85 was exciting but wow and 84 number would be brilliant.  My own measurements have not been too ridiculously far off what I got measured, I say that with the caveat that particularly with the thighs she measured in different spots than I do, so I will be fascinated to see what they will look like at the end of 4 weeks.

So the premise is this, you do 3 sessions a week for four weeks, the recommendations are that you continue to do other forms of exercise, and should have a healthy comprehensive diet.  They recommend that 4-6 hours after your hypoxi session, you don't have carbs or alcohol or do more exercise (you can however have any of those before your session..... maybe not the alcohol!).

So for me the evening session are great because I eat my dinner before I go, and have a protein shake on the way home, come home, get stuff ready for the next day, shower and bed!  So no worries because I'm sleeping away those hours and not worrying about carbs!

My Saturday sessions are in the morning so this will take a little more forethought, especially making sure I get my coffee in between my boot camp session and the hypoxi session so I'm not thinking about it for the rest of the day, and it means a protein based lunch and no carbs till dinner.

There's obviously the question that if I just exercised and didn't eat carbs after I exercised for 4-6 hours wouldn't I get the same results.... I'm going to do the best I can, Saturdays will take care of themselves in the best way possible.

Apparently though, I don't have loads of cellulite, my flabby legs are actually more due to my weightloss than cellulite (so the girl told me) so seeing Hypoxi is also supposed to improve skin firmness I will be curious to see what effects this has on my tummy and thighs particularly.

I'm quite lucky also in that the HRM monitor they strap to you is a polar one so my watch was able to pick up my heartrate and I can still obtain a calorie burn. Yay! 

They have foxtel on tv for each machine so the time goes pretty quickly, just don't be a nob like me and wave the remote around aimlessly so you end up changing other people's tv's also! heheheheheheh Yes that did happen OOPS!

Did I tell you I've finally discovered a Protein powder I can stand the taste of, it's called Diva Whey, it comes in Vanilla, Cookies and Cream and Chocolate, it's lo-carb (as long as you add water and not milk)  I think it will be delicious with milk, it's OK with water, which is the main thing, I've really struggled to find one I can stand the taste of, so I'm a happy bunny.  It's only 118 cals and has 24grams of protein, so I'm just happy to have found something finally!  And Jess seriously if you want the ladybug one's email me your address and I'll send them to you, only opened and used once! :D

So guys while I'm the guinea pig, what are your thoughts on the Hypoxi, have you heard of it?  What do you think, are you curious to see what my results will be in 4 weeks?  Would my success make you consider it?  Or not really?  Come talk to me about your thoughts...... don't feel you have to sugarcoat it, I'm open to all points of view.

Hope you are all having a great week! Keep warm.


  1. Tia .... It all sounds like you are working Hard I had a Giggle about you changing every ones chanel that is the sort of thing that I would do I must look more into Hypoxi sounds very interesting

  2. Oh it was all a bit funny, there I was lying there like I was at home on the sofa waving the remote around.... I think they were like trying to tell me for a good 30 secs till it registered they were talking to me, I just thought they were chatting and tuned them out till I heard "EXCUSE ME, YOU ARE CHANGING MY CHANNEL", oops suitably embarrassed! hehehehehehe