Monday, July 26, 2010

Sometimes it's in the little things...

So my Hypoxi results came in, whilst it should have been 4 weeks, I had to squeeze in the 12 sessions into 3.5 weeks, so I was done before my snow trip.  So in 3.5 weeks I lost 3.8kg (which at this stage of the game for me is phenomenal).  And 37cm from my waist, tummy, hips, thighs to the knee!  Typically the average for 12 session is about 25cm.  I did go in quite skeptical but I have to say 6cm from my thighs is pretty astounding I'd struggle to do a 1cm in a month, so I am converted that it does help accelerate your results.  
I went back to my old spreadsheets, and a 4kg loss never equated to more than a 10cm loss, so the proof is in my pudding and well my size 12 target dress right! 

Sometimes it's really in the little things you find you can suddenly do... going out for some well deserved fun, being able to sit on the floor with legs bent to cut your toe nails (yep did it Saturday and was like look at me go! Might save some money on those pedicures now that I can reach my own toes easily again!)

So it's been a very funny weekend, I finally succumbed to the idea of a night out with some girls I met at Boot Camp.  I've always felt a bit uncomfortable going out with friends.  Always the fat girl sitting in the corner watching the men always chat up my friends.  Sure I'm gregarious, with my friends, and I want to meet new people but the bigger I got the more shy or guarded I suppose I got, sometimes it's not until you look back that you realise how you are and what you project out has as much to say about how people treat you as to whether you think people are judging you on your weight or something.

But here I am, feeling great, confidence growing, and a brand new top waiting in the cupboard to be used.

And wow, it was one of the funniest, most comfortable and fun nights out I've had since I can remember.  We laughed, we drank, we ate, we danced, we got ourselves some attention and at the end of the night we went home and slept it all off! hehehehe

We even have photographic evidence, so I'll post a group shot when the pictures come through! It was just lovely, for once I felt I just fit in, and I guess that I deserved as much attention as any of the other girls.
It really is as much about what is going on in our heads and our self talk as about what we put in our mouths.  Some people just don't want to move out of their comfort zone but truly how else do we grow and reach for all that we want if we are holding ourselves back....

I'm off to pack and early early early tomorrow morning we are off to the snow!  So I wish everyone a wonderfully happy week and I'll be back with all my snow stories! :D Whoosh whoosh whoosh!


  1. Tia ... Well done you are amazing I hope you have a great holliday in the snow.. take care and Keep warm