Monday, July 12, 2010

A busy week, and more PB's....

So let's see it's been a pretty good week.  I had my Hypoxi sessions, Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week, I get there early and try to do a 25-30 min run (Friday I only got 10 minutes but went hard keeping it over 9km/hr and getting a few minutes in at 10km/hr (I can't run at speed for long periods of time but it's all about building up right?!).  Also the skirt thing they put on you comes in different sizes (which I did not realise) and I went down a skirt thing already, today is my 6th session the half way point I think I get measurements done on Wednesday before the start of the 7th session to see how I'm travelling.

Back to my week, a double boot camp session on Tuesday, and a 10km run on Thursday (I had to get the car serviced for my trip to the snow and I didn't want to pfaff around or worry about being late to boot camp!).

Then Saturday I missed Balmoral Boot Camp because I had my running group and I missed last months run because I was sick.  So I decided to aim high, my last time was 22:30 instead of trying to simply shave you know say 30 seconds off, I wanted a 21: something time.  I ran hard probably going too hard and as I rounded a bend towards the end I kind of died for a few seconds, and dropped to a walk to stop myself from vomiting!  First time I've walked in this run since I've been doing it, but the finish line was so close that once I got my breath, I powered it home hard to get a time of...... wait for it...... 20:57!  (Woohooo and the crowd goes wild right?! hehehehehehehehehe)  So I'm sure my handicap will be affected and I'm going to miss next months because it's the day before the City 2 Surf, although I suppose I could go along and just do an easy run, not a PB.  I'll talk to Trainer Nate about it.

So had lunch with a friend Friday and as is common at the moment people ask oh you must be at or near goal blah blah blah and then I get scrunchy face when I say I think another 10kg dependant on my Dexa Scan results in a few weeks.  So then she asks me what I weigh and I say 85kg and she nearly falls off her chair and tells me she thought I was like 70kg TOPS!  What a compliment hey......!  So I'm going to be super curious what my Dexa scan results will be because I'm still expecting quite a high body fat %.... hmmmm.

Then on the weekend I weighed in at 83.6kg bringing my total weightloss to date to 46.4kg which breaks the 100 pound mark (102.1 pounds).  So that's not something I thought I'd ever see or do!  So yay me I say!

Took a couple of pics this morning so will download them tonight.  Still getting used to all the changes in my body, I still don't quite recognise myself if I catch a glimpse in a window or a mirror, I am in the process of rediscovering myself I suppose you could say.... the me I always knew was inside trapped behind the fat girl.  It's a journey in itself! :D

So another full week, two more weeks of Hypoxi and then the snow, I'm so excited and can't wait.  Curious to see the results from Hypoxi, hoping my trainer is right and the snow will quickly knock of a couple of kilos (just walking around takes effort in all that gear he says!) and then getting that Dexa Scan, could be great if I was 80 or less by then but it's OK if I'm close, I don't know how my brain is going to fathom seeing a 70 something on the scale, I think I was like 14 the last time that was a reality!

Hope you all had a great weekend and have a great week, and photos tomorrow! :D


  1. Well done chick :) Strange when you catch a glimpse of yourself in a shop window or something and don't realise it's you hey.. I've been doing that a bit lately, not recognising photos of myself and stuff...

    I really need to review my brainwork more than anything, lol.

  2. Tia... Well done it is all happening for you in every way but you can have the snow to yourself these days but yes you are bound to drop a kilo or two getting arround just enjoy it .