Thursday, July 22, 2010

How far I've come...

I know I take a lot of pictures of myself!  I guess I'm still trying to grasp how I really look these days!

Had to show my new size 12 shift dress.  I don't know if you can see the little twinkles from the diamontes at the bottom of the dress?  Otherwise it's pretty plain, that's what makes it so pretty to me.

I was worried it was a bit snug but everyone at work loved it, guess I will just have to keep reminding myself that this is all real! :D

So I was looking at some of my old blogs from CK that aren't here on my blogspot blog, I thought there were some real gems that deserve to be here, so today I add this one that I found, mind you these comments are from very early this year, but they still ring true for me and my journey.

Yesterday (this was back in January 2010) I got to thinking about how far I have come and all the things I learnt last year, some of the big ones include:
  • That this is not dieting, dieting = deprivation which = failure
  • Focussing on a healthy lifestyle
  • Making better choices in food, exercise and lifestyle
  • That this is for life NOT just for 12 months or 6 weeks or whatever
  • That identifying your issues and doing something about them are two very different things
  • Water is important
  • An all or nothing attitude is about as helpful as the latest fad diet
  • That these things that you learn can bleed into other areas of your life for the better!
  • That I am a worthwhile person, who deserves to be happy
  • That support really does help, but at the end of the day you are the one that has to do the hard work, and that is very satisfying
  • That all those things you think you can never do really are possible
  • That confidence and being truly happy makes me a better person to be around
  • That I enjoy hanging out with myself again too
  • That feeling this good REALLY does feel better than shoving a block of chocolate or a bag of chips in my gob
  • That exercise makes me feel good and keeps me motivated to eat better and makes me want to do things I never thought I'd do
  • To stop referring to myself as fundamentally lazy as that constant negative talk becomes truth if you don't stop it, and after the last couple of months I've proved that actually I AM NOT THAT!
So I am officially on holiday! Yippee!


  1. Have a fab holiday... be another 12 months before I get one, lol.

    And have fun in the snow!!

    And you're allowed to take pictured of yourself. It's good to get the brain to catch up with the body sometimes ;)

  2. You look hot Tia! Love the progress photo's, what an inspiration! Thankyou for sharing your awesome tips too! Enjoy your holidays!!!

  3. Haven't seen you in awhile Tia and you look absolutely amazing! Well done!!!
    enjoy your holiday :)