Friday, July 2, 2010

I am legend... kind of....

So do you wanna know how funny Trainer Nate thought he was last night?  Maybe I should back up for a minute, see I thought telling him about my bruised knees and my copious amounts of burpees and man pushups from Tuesday might have him feeling a little sorry for me.... gosh could I have been more wrong.  It seems he felt the need to go and do more research on some more exciting things he could make me do.

So first of all we had to run down a flight of stairs and up a hill twice but heck he thought it would be funny to hand me a 12kg kettlebell to run with..... WTF!

Then he proceeded to show me some new moves he has planned for me, one being take the 12kg kettlebell and do a swing, control it on the way back down, when it touches the floor balance on it and proceed to do a burpee, once legs are outstretched and you've managed to not tip the kettlebell over do a pushup and then pop back up.... so the last thing he made everyone do was 5 burpees (mind you during boxing I already had done 5 that no one else had to do but whatever! hehhehe), so I told him I would do 3 of his fandagaled moves, to which he agreed, so both of us were surprised when I managed to do them including the close grip pushup ontop of the kettlebell, so I did 5 cause he said come on you can do 5, so I do what I'm told and I did.

Now I'm scared at what he's got planned for me tomorrow!  Yes tomorrow, I'm not sure I've mentioned that I've picked up a 3rd boot camp session with him, he and his brother train at Balmoral and so I sadly get out of bed at 7am on a Saturday and drive for 30 mins to get further tortured.... what is wrong with me.  It's a much harder session, probably because it's a mixed group, but it means in the leadup to the City2Surf if I trade out the occassional weekly bootcamp session for a run, I still hit 2 bootcamps a week.

I'm starting to think I'm going to find skiing a relaxing break from all this hard work hehehehehehhe!

It's funny to how we all still have raw nerves, Trainer Nate hit one last night.  He asked me to do some high kicks, and he wanted me to roll through my hip and body.... it was a new move for me, and as I moved onto the other leg I had the technique wrong, Trainer Nate told me to stop being lazy..... OH NO HE DIDN'T! hehehehe I got the major shits when he said that, and yelled at him, I'm not lazy I'm just doing it incorrectly!  Seriously you are calling ME! lazy!!!!!! SO he then began to apologise that he meant my technique was lazy or that lazy wasn't the word he meant blah blah blah, geez I was fuming... see I used to use the L word as a great big fat excuse, I often went round telling people that I was fundamentally lazy and really that's why I was fat, and well I guess I had myself believing it... but when I realised I needed to STOP saying that and not own it, well it stopped being true for me.  I guess the nerve is still raw though and I didn't like being described in that way.... lucky Trainer Nate knows me well enough to not take offence, but man I had the boxing gloves on and nearly damned boxed him round the head! hehehehe 

These things still come up for us from time to time, sometimes I think they are like little tests, to check our progress! :D

Happy Friday everyone have a GREAT weekend!

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