Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Write a book????

Hidee hoedy.... I'm still here training away, I had boot camp on Saturday followed by Hypoxi again, (yes Saturday boot camp is at Balmoral beach just at the bottom of Awaba St, come and find me and say hi, I don't think my trainers would mind people coming by it's $25 for the session!).

Sunday complete rest day it feels a bit weird to not do anything but last week and the next 3 weeks are flat out so I knew it was important to take the rest. 

Monday I put on my work pants, and was very surprised to find them already looser, so I'm completely fascinated now to see my results at the end of this four weeks with Hypoxi, coupled with my trainer telling me that the snow will also make me drop some weight (just walking to the ski lifts is an effort apparently! :D), and then my Dexa scan I'm excited to see what the next few weeks hold, and how far away from goal I'll actually be.

So the funniest thing at the moment is a bunch of people telling me I should write a book! bahahahahahah funny right?  Apparently my story is not snoozable to all around me... just me hehehehehehe, Trainer Nate is already brainstorming names for it! Wanna hear something even funnier.... last night I wrote the dedication in my head.... hehehehehehe.

I wonder how many copies I would have to sell to get out of my current crappy job! hehehehehe

Last week I was a good girl and bought myself a little notebook and started writing out some short-term, medium-term and long-term goals again.  When I went through my old Body 4 Life goals a month or so back I realised I had actually surpassed almost 99% of them, and with the City 2 Surf coming up being one of the major end goals since I started last year, I realised I had to start writing out some more goals to keep focussed.  Luckily the Dexa scan got to go on the short term list, and I've been considering doing my Certificates III & IV in Fitness so I put them on the long term list (cause they'd take a little while to do), Trainer Nate keeps talking about a half marathon, but I'm still in 2 minds about whether I want to focus on shorter runs or go for the longer running.... so I put it down in medium term goals with a question mark! hehehehehe

It feels good to write some new stuff down, but also it's blown my mind the ones I have achieved and a bunch of them without realising it, because I'd forgotten and only noticed when I'd looked back which is why it's always good to write them down even if you do put them away to revise on a rainy day! :D

So this week is all about running!  On Monday I did a Hypoxi session but I've timed it so I get there early and I can go on the treadmill for 20-30 minutes before the session, oh and I have to tell you about this treadmill I am IN LOVE with it.  You punch in all your details and a heart rate, it automatically inclines and increases your speed until you reach said heart rate then it automatically inclines and adjusts your speed up or down to keep that heart rate!  I couldn't figure out what was going on at first and then I realised it was going up and down it was fabulous the best mimmicking of an outdoor run ever and I get to watch foxtel while doing it! hehehehehe 

Yesterday I did a monster double boot camp, because I'm missing boot camp Thursday due to getting my car serviced (for the snow!) don't worry I'll be doing a run at home instead, so tonight, run/hypoxi, tomorrow I think I'll do intervals on my outdoor run, Friday run/hypoxi, and Saturday my monthly running group (I missed last month because I was sick), so my last time for the 3.4km was 22.30 something, so I am aiming for the 21 something minute mark. 

Two of the girls from my bootcamp have signed up to do the City 2 Surf as well, we've all registered for the Blue group so Trainer Nate has taken to calling us the Smurfettes.  We are considering getting Blue t-shirts made up and printed with something funny like "Our f*cking b*st*rd trainer made us do this" hehehehe he loves it!

Happy Hump day!  Keep on keeping on!

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  1. Just remember, when we do write our books, that these blog entries are a great way to start ;)

    Someone suggested that to me once too, and I did think they were crazy... the more I thought through it, the more normal it sounded. Other people make money out of their weightloss, right?

    Hell, what do we do every day? (well, me at least). Write. Good for the soul.
    Why not make some money!!
    I tried to buy your magazine, but I can't find it here :(