Sunday, August 1, 2010

Snow beautiful snow!

I'm skiing!!!!
I'm baaaack! Oh I don't even know where to begin.  I had the most AWESOME time!

So let's see.... we left very early and I mean VERY early 3am on Tuesday morning.  We stopped for coffee and later for breakfast and a petrol top up.  Then we stopped at the hire place before heading up the mountain.

Now just putting on your ski boots and walking from the car park to the snow entrance with your ski's is a workout in itself, seriously you need a nap by the time you get there! hahaha

Did I mention that Trainer Nate was also going down the snow the same week, total coincidence, I go over to get my day ticket with a lesson and come back to the car and who has pulled up beside me in the car park.... yep Trainer Nate and his mates, HOW FREAKY is that! hehehehehehe.  Anyway that was the last I saw of him so I hope he made it home in one piece!
L-R: Meags (20kgs lost), Me (48kgs lost), Wendy (25kgs lost)

So I had an hour before my lesson, my sister stayed with me and gave me some tips and had me practice putting on my ski's and taking them off, a little on ploughing and how to stand on the inside edge of them.  This really helped me and I seemed to pick things up in my lesson quite quickly, we were on the magic carpet by the second half of the lesson, and did some turns as well.

I just can't tell you how amazing it all was, the white snow, the actual realisation of a longed for dream!  The pain in your legs! heheheheh  All I could do was thank my trainers in my head for all those nasty lunges and squats, because without them I would have been screwed!

The families I was with were just amazing and soooo funny, between skiing, laughter and exhaustion, the days just flew by!  My friends gave me really good tips and by Day 3 I had some relative control and enjoyed some really good runs!

Showing the girls how to roast a real marshmallow!
The kids were just amazing and all did very well in fact on occassion Wendy and I tried to join the lines of kids snaking down the mountain behind their instructor heheheh (free lessons!)

Our house was fantastic, room for us all, 3 bathrooms and a fire which the boys built up each night and we even went as far as roasting some marshmallows! :D

All 16 of us!!
So we did have two visits to the medical centre, one of my friends was catapulted in the air by a t-bar operator, she ended up with a very sore and bruised behind!  On the last day Troy my friend's husband decided to try a jump that was a bit out of his capabilities and we thought he'd broken his his leg.  He didn't but it appears his done his cruciate ligament and will require a knee reconstruction if he ever wants to snow board again..... Aside from that minor stacks just left the rest of us with bruised egos or nearly wetting our pants in laughter!

I definitely would like to go back again!  But for now it's a great big tick on my list of things to do and have done and to have had the most fun possible doing it!

I went for a jog with a friend this morning it was tough work my legs were heavy but I have to push through with the City 2 Surf now less than a week away!

This morning I went off to upgrade my phone to an iphone but unfortunately the exit fees are too high and I'll have to give it a couple more months, so stoopid it's not like I'm trying to change carrier!  So in a sulky mood I went off to Target to try on some clothes, some of the new dresses appearing, I decided to see if the whole size 12 dress thing was a fluke of the cut of the dress or whatever.... I tried on 3 very different dresses in size 12 and they all fit in fact one of them I could have gone down to the 10!  It's all very surreal, I think I've said that before, I know I'm smaller but I'm having a hard time reconciling that these sizes fit me!  So to push the point home I bought myself a pair of jeans in size 10, and denim skirt in size 10 and a nice top in size 12.

I can't wait for my dexa scan (on Tuesday) I'm fascinated to see what the results will be and if 75kg is in the right ball park for me and what on earth will it be like to lose another 7kgs what will that translate to in my body shape, and clothes size!  I'll just keep buying clothes that fit and taking pictures of myself! hehehehehe

Hope you've all been well!  I have another week off but have lots to do so still a busy week including C2S preparation!


  1. Tia ...Your Holliday sounds and looks like it was a great Time .. as for the size 10 WOW I am so proud of you and Good luck on the weekend with the Run .

  2. Sounds awesome. I'd rather be in Hawaii though, I am so scared of the cold!!! Email me when you know your dexa results :)