Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Relax and enjoy!

I'm a little confused while my time was consistent, there's a discrepancy between my placing in the paper and on the C2S website... so I guess I'll just go with what's on the website right.

Net time: 01:38:34 (98:34)
Place: 33043 (out of nearly 68,000 finishers!)
Gender: 11517
Cat. Place: 4079

I'm not 100% sure but I think it means I can qualify for green next year if it's sub 100 mins.  I don't have totals for the last two (hope to come across them!)

The pictures are OK, not my best! hehehe but show me and my girls about to grab hands and then holding hands so proud, even better is the video in which hysterically funny you can hear me woohoo over everyone else... I maintain I was just placed near a microphone! hahahahahaha

I realised that I'm still coming to terms with my body!  I insisted I needed a medium t-shirtm, I knew it was too big as soon as I put it on, but there are times that I still feel I need to hide myself somewhat!  It all comes with time and experience right?  After seeing the photos, I've opted to get a singlet top like the girls (we are going to be doing some more runs and will run in our smurfette shirts like our own little team!).  I think I still feel exposed in my work out gear (you know without my sucky in underwear hahahahahaha)

One of our other boot campers who hummed and ahhhed about doing the City 2 Surf and then didn't has agreed to do the 9km Blackmores Bridge run with us in September and then we are going to do the 10km Sydney Olympic Park run.  Trainer Nate is going to help me work on my speed so that when I do attempt a half marathon I will feel more confident about being able to do it within the time limits! :D

So let's list out these new goals:
  •  Rejoin running group in 10km run
  • 9km Blackmores Bridge run (19 Sept)
  • 10km Sydney Olympic Park run (7 Nov)
  • Reach goal weight
  • Start playing round with maintenance
  • Try some new things!  I wanna try a Crossfit Class, I might consider taking up bike riding (maybe buy a cheap bike to muck around with!) Maybe do a bit of swimming this summer! Take a dance class, is Zumba in Parramatta? hehehehe
  • Increase my running speed
  • Relax and enjoy all the good things happening in my life!

What are your goals for the rest of the year?! :D

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  1. My only goal is to remember that it's my life, and I can do whatever I want...
    After that the rest will follow :)