Monday, August 16, 2010

There's a new party girl in town and she's me!

Well I had a bit of a sulky day on Friday, I'll even admit it bled a little into Saturday, but we had a good morning boot camp session that helped drive the cobwebs away. After a refreshing shower it was off to my sister's for a birthday bar-b-q.  My nephew turned 18!  It's always lovely, we always have a good laugh and a lovely lunch and catch up on all our gossip. 

I have a friend who turned 40 during the week and had arranged dinner in the evening, so late afternoon I headed off home to get changed.  I didn't know any of the other people going to the dinner (not that that was an issue, I need to get out and meet new people), but I did invite one of newer friends from Boot camp (Friend 1 - just makes it easier right! :D), as she had nothing to do anyway!  We had a lovely time!  The people were a hoot and the food was delicious.  We ended up chatting quite a bit to a lovely gay couple who we employed the use of their gaydar while checking out the rest of the room! hehehehehehe.

Later we got a text from another friend (Friend 2) who was not having a good evening, our other friend (Friend 3) had mentioned that she'd be at the Ivy that night for a birthday so if we wanted to head on down we should.  So we decided what the heck, friend 2 met us at friend 1's house and we grabbed a cab and headed on down to the Ivy to meet Friend 3.  Anyway we eventually found Friend 3 and we even ran into Trainer Nate, who was well... somewhat hammered, which was pretty funny!! But seeing he now has access to this blog I'll refrain from further comments!  (*Hi Trainer Nate! ;P*)  Like last time the four us girls were out we had a lovely night and met some of Friend 3's friends and danced and laughed which is always the sign of a good night to me!

Sometimes I feel like I am re-living my 30's the way they were meant to be lived.... I've never been a big party/clubbing girl, but I know if I want to meet someone I have to actually put myself into situations where I am 1. getting out there and 2. meeting new people.  And I really feel I'm starting to do that, and not only just do it, but enjoy doing it!  And it helps that my new friends are single too!

However, there is a disclaimer... hahahahahaha I am going to have to watch those late nights, I didn't get home till about 4am and I think I'm still recovering!

Watch this space if your interested in my ongoing night endeavours, I believe there is more to come! hehehehehe


  1. Way to Go Enjoy yourself you have worked Hard to be where you are and I applaud you

  2. I agree! A late night every now and then is well worth it, look at how much fun you had!! But I agree, it takes me a few days to recover now, I have no idea how I used to wake up and go out and do it all again the very next night!