Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Scary, Exciting and Honest....

So I just did something really scary and exciting all at the same time, I filled in my entry for the City 2 Surf.  So now that I've entered it's no longer a possibility of something I might do, it's a... I'm really gonna do this sucker type thing! 

Trainer Nate is adamant I run it all, so I'm really going to focus my training on endurance rather than speed, and try my best.

There is another cracker of a post today by Craig Harper, hop on over and read it, it's called What's your food issue?  But it's the talk about honesty with oneself and other's that really struck my chords.... see if I have to come down to some definitive point about what it is that has worked for me this time when nothing did before it really is about me, me being honest with myself, being honest with others, calling myself out on my own bullshit, not getting upset when those around me call me out on my bullshit (luckily I have some great people in my life who do so and thus I am able to learn from it!) and getting out of my own damn way so I can move forward. 

This is something that really drives me in my training too, see I'm a little bit of a nazi when it comes to my reps, if I'm told to do a certain number, then I have to do every single one I'm told to do, even if it means watching other's short change themselves to finish quicker, even if it means I'm last to finish even if it means like on Saturday I was a full exercise behind everyone else.... I know that if I want the results I have to put in the effort 110%, and man I get it done.   

I still struggle and that's OK too, I've learnt different ways to deal with these things when they arise, to be able to look at them and see them for what they are, I might sulk for a day or two but I don't let things derail me, it's been a HUGE learning curve and continues to be, but by god it's been worth it! :D  And there's still more to come, I'm excited now to see what the future brings!  And there's certainly a big future out there waiting to embrace me, I'm sure of it! :D

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  1. I read that post this morning as well, it was hard work for me... coming off a mini binge last night, with the war I've had between myself and the peanut butter jar... Same with my smoking I guess, in the car on the way to work, glad I didn't go as far as to spray deodourant or lie about it...

    Honestly, why do we do it? I've never gotten that extreme, like hiding with ice cream or whatever... but I still sneak a biscuit from the tin at work, and then feel guilty, or stupid things like that... or the beer I drank Friday night, or the Tim Tam that someone offered me that I didn't take... and then went to the packet later when no one was looking. I don't often hide what I am eating, and it's not like I haven't had success. But what's the point of lying to ourselves, you know? Seems ridiculous.