Sunday, June 27, 2010


..... well kind of!  You see when you are 130kg double figures is usually the main goal, and when you've been in triple figures for years, the idea of anything under that is a real wow!  So I had chosen 85kg because I thought is was a doable figure, far enough under triple figures to be maintainable but not unrealistic.

Of course by the time I managed to get out of triple figures I was already re-assessing my goal.  I had garnered developed enough belief that I could go further so I re-assessed my goal.  

But today is still worth celebrating for reaching my inital goal, and right dead-on the noggin!  85kg exactly on the scale this morning, which marks a suitable brand new beginning for that which I have planned over the next few weeks.

So let's look back for a little comparison they are so much fun! :D

Weight: 130 kg - 85kg = LTD 45kg
which equates to 99 pounds or 35% of my body weight

BMI: 42.0 - Morbidly Obese - 27.4 - Overweight (only 8kg away from a healthy BMI!)

I've lost over 140cm from bust, waist, hips, thigh and arm.

So pretty great stats if I do say so myself. 
So the next few weeks are flat out, I have the opportunity to try something called Hypoxi.  I need to do this sessions in conjunction with my current exercise program.  Basically you get put in this chamber thing sitting or lying and you cycle for 30 mins while vacuum technology stimulates the lower part of the body (where women tend to hold all their fat).  I'll be doing 3 sessions a week in conjunction with 2-3 boot camps and still a run or 2 a week in preparation of the City 2 Surf.  

Now most of you following my journey would be fully aware that part of my journey has been the recognition of no such thing as the quick fix.  So I'm not looking at Hypoxi as that, I admit going in with some scepticism but sometimes these opportunities arise and you have to give them ago.  I still have to put in the work (ie exercise), I still have to watch what I eat, the one caveat with Hypoxi is that they recommend limiting carbs for 4-6 hours after a session, as all my sessions bar one a week will be in the evening, I am able to make that work, I'll be eating dinner before I go and protein shaking it afterwards before bed.  Then I'll be asleep so who cares! :D 

The testimonials for targetted cm loss is pretty positive, there seems a lot more positive hype about it than negative, although I could be looking in the wrong area, but what have I got to lose except cm's right.  It gives me a good focus for the next few weeks as I have to be super organised to fit it all, I've got 2 weeks worth of frozen food in the freezer, I have FINALLY found a palatable protein shake and I don't have to give up my coffee, so I will keep you up to date on whether it works or not, someone has to be a guinea pig right! :D

If it could help get me closer to the 70's by keeping me focussed why the heck not hey?!  It's a different type of training being on the bike and I can watch foxtel or read a mag.  The half an hour is supposed to be the equivalent of a 90 minute work out, now I don't know how true that is because they calculate a Heart Rate for you and ask you to keep at that and mine was only 130, I am much higher when I do my boot camps but as I said it's all a bit of a shake up and some different intensities can't hurt.  

There will be before and after photos and measurements that go with it. So stayed tuned to see if it works or not! :D

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  1. Well done chick. You are definitely incredible.