Tuesday, June 15, 2010


So here I am almost better, a week and a half ago my trainer told me to take a couple of days off in a row...

I was already getting sick it wasn't enough to stop it, so a few days off work, loads of sleep in's and no exercise at all and while lots of fluids but not nearly enough water, (unless all the water in my Jarrah's does in fact count), I'm back off to training tonight, half excited to get back into it, half terrified that in a week and a half of nothing I've lost all my fitness! Eeek!

That's all really not too much to say when all you've done is spend time in bed, on the lounge or chucking away snotty tissues!

Hope you are all well and firing on all cylinders.

Here's a link to today's Craig Harper's blog, it's a great one for those people you know who claim they don't eat alot or they eat really healthy!

It's an interesting topic because even people who aren't overweight or typically think they know what to do are not immune to this.  I had a conversation with a girlfriend recently, who has been chubby, had a couple of kids but generally exercises and usually sits at a pretty comfortable weight, recently she put on maybe 4 or 5 kilos which makes her uncomfortable, she's been killing it at the gym (so she tells me) and can't understand why she isn't losing any weight....

She then proceeded to tell me what she'd had that day which included some banana muffin thing she didn't know what was in it, but you know it was only small, and then she had had some wine that night OK well a bottle in fact but she doesn't drink every night, and she'd cut out on the crisps (chips) but she was having some popcorn she's allowed 2 cups but she was having more than 2 cups... now this then led to a further investigation that that week she'd also had half a packet of tim tams (but I never do that), a caesar salad on a night out (yes I know it's not great but it's my treat food, and it's really only the dressing that's the problem - until I pointed out the croutons, the bacon, the parmesan cheeese.... HELLO!!!!) oh yeah and 3 bottles of wine over the weekend.... can any of you see where she might be going wrong yet? :D  I love her to bits but I find that even when people ask you to point it out for them they don't want to always hear it and in those cases there isn't much you can do until they are willing to open their eyes.

In hindsight I know I was the same, I've said before that I wondered why nobody ever said anything to me, but if I really think about it, some of my friends did try to get me to see it through a health perspective, but until you are really ready you just focus on what you want to see.  My friend from above says I eat really healthy and I work out so hard and I don't drink every night, yes but if the nights you do drink involve consuming your weight in alcohol.... then you aren't going to get the results you want right?  Hmmmmm

Anyway, it's all food for thought.... much lower in calories than food to eat!


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