Saturday, March 13, 2010

Personal Best's (PB's)

Last month I found this running group called Westie's Joggers, let me tell you they are a super lovely bunch of folks.  They do a variety of runs, once a month they have a 10km and a 3.4km.  These runs are handicapped, meaning the faster runners are timed to go later so that everyone finishes around a similar time.  You can walk the 3.4km too, a bunch of ladies head off and do it together it's very sweet!

So I decided to go try it out last month because I was looking for a 3kish run to practice running the whole way.  Your time gets recorded so it's great to keep track of and they give your your real time minus the handicap as well.  Last month my aim was to run the whole 3.4km course irrespective of the time, which I achieved.  My time was 25:52, which I was pretty pleased with anyway.  Seeing I met my aim of running the entire course, I had to set a new goal, I wanted to better my time, based on some of my running since then I was simply aiming to get it under 25 minutes, although any time betterment (hehehehehe is that a word) would be acceptable.  

Imagine my surprise when I blew my time completely out of the water by over 2 minutes, finishing today in 23:31.  This had the handicapper telling me my handicap would be increased next month, this seemed to upset some people, but frankly I don't care when I start it's about when I finish! :D 

So what do I set for next month?  I think I'll keep it pretty realistic, it's unlikely I can keep doing that big a drop every time, so the aim will be to get it under 23 mins.  What's your goal for the next month?

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  1. I just want to do SOME exercise without getting depressed :(

    Triathlon tomorrow, so hopefully I beat 43.13, shouldn't be hard, they won't make me run twice this time... although I am injured.

    Just replaced my HRM battery, I get why it was being dodgy now!!

    Hope you have a good rest of weekend.
    And well done on the run btw!!