Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Boxing and Rowing

So I guess I kinda need to explain something about the two amazing people I call my sisters.  They aren't actually blood related.  After my mum died and my brother stuck his head up his arse and moved away without telling me where he, his wife and my niece where moving too, my girlfriends adopted me into their family.  Now they are sisters, well half sisters if you want to get technical, they lost their mum when younger sister (only by a few months) and I were at school together.  The same year my mum died they both unexpectedly lost their dads, so you can probably see why we bonded so strongly t'was a hard year for us all.  But aside from that Wendy (younger sis) had developed her own relationship with my mother, so for her it was like losing another mum, but I have to tell you she has been a god-send an absolute rock and has seen me through my darkest hours.

Last night I told her how lately I'd been thinking back to last April when we had a conversation about wanting to lose weight and how we'd all started doing something but hadn't really told anyone or each other (for me it was a well if I don't tell anyone and I don't succeed I've no one to let down).  But Wendy got very much into we NEED to tell each other, we NEED to talk to and support each other, we NEED to be accountable to each other, and thus it began.  I really feel like that conversation kinda well..... you know, helped save my life.... soppy much I know, but true nonetheless.

So yesterday was my big training day, boot camp in the morning, and off to Wendy and Trainer Christian last night.  Last night we did some boxing, so this was the first time I'd done boxing with Trainer Christian and the first time I got to box with Wendy.  We focussed on quality technique versus fast and furious but by god we still worked hard, my 651 calorie burn showed me that!  But I also discovered Wendy hits like a freaking maniac boy and I hit like a girl! hahahahahahhaha  We both enjoyed it though as her usual partner doesn't offer her enough resistance, but man I took her punches for all god and glory. 

Secondly, I bounce alot, and Trainer Christian wanted me to work more from my core, with less bounce, so that's something I will have to focus on in my other sessions, I figured that the little bounce gave me more power but that power comes from my legs then and not my core and arms, so it was an interesting lesson!  Of course Wendy grew up with 5 others, two older brothers, so she learnt early on to hit to connect or be killed hehehehehehehe, I thought I hit pretty hard but nope.  We did these sit up sets inbetween which were murder but I was able to pretty much keep up with the pace set which I found surprising because in my other training we do crunches not full sit ups, but I managed to do pretty good.

Lastly, I've been dying to try out the rower, I don't have access to a gym, and everytime I've been to Trainer Christian we go down to the car park and have to run up that bloody hill! hehehehe, so after boxing while everyone else went for a run, I got to do 2km on the rower.  Yippee I thought until about 300m in I was over it! heheheheheh I guess I thought it would be easy, let me tell you, IT IS NOT!  I did finish like he wanted before the other girls got back from their run, but it was much harder going than I anticipated.  Lesson - keep mouth shut! bahahahahahahaha.  Anyway I managed to do the 2km in about 9 minutes 30 seconds something, I don't know if that is really good or not, Trainer Christian seemed pleased with the effort.  The numbers just weren't ticking down as fast as I thought they would, what is up with that hehehehehe.

So today I shall just have a nice easy walk after work and tomorrow is back to my regular programming!  I go back to Trainer Christian in a fortnight, although Wendy and I were making these sessions monthly, because I have my four week challenge I'm adding in an extra session.

Hope you are all enjoying your training and working hard, remember you will only see changes if you push yourself outside your comfort zone a little each time! ;)  Happy Hump Day!

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