Thursday, March 18, 2010

Elmo Says...

I know it might seem odd, but I was listening to my morning radio show in the car one morning and they were interviewing Elmo... you know from Sesame Street.  It was something to do with encouraging kids to eat healthy all the like.  He said in his squeaky little voice Elmo says Cookies are a sometimes food and Apples are an everyday food.  It really hit a chord with me.  It was then I made the decision (and yes it is a choice and a decision) to stop viewing food as good or bad, or naughty and boring all those connotations that send us spinning into that All or Nothing Attitude if we have the bad or naughty food. 

A healthy diet is about balance.  Sometimes this balance has to be learnt, but their is no denying that if you completely deny yourself you are likely to return to old habits quickly and efficiently.  Now a days I don't feel bad if I have my cake and eat it too, I just don't have it every day.  I'm mindful when I eat it, and I stop when I am full because I know I can have some again another time if I want to.

I've quickly discovered that the longer you eat well, and eat enough the more of everyday foods you want.  Recently I thought I felt like some KFC so off I went and had some and when I was finished I thought... is that it?  The joy and pleasure I thought I used to get out of it, was gone, the shine and polish rubbed away, I'd much prefer a nice mango and some yoghurt or a yummy steak with a pile of salad.  Sometimes I'm not sure who this new me is but I like her!  She's much more enjoyable to be around.

See if Elmo says it simply enough for kids to grasp why is the concept not good enough for us adults?  I've decided it's simple enough for me...  what about you?

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  1. I need to say that the fact that Elmo is our latest weight loss inspiration is hilarious. I love Elmo!!!

    I remember watching Rove one night when Elmo said "Wasabi is a sometimes food..."

    God, I still look that up on youtube to this day and cack myself laughing!

    Anyway, agreement with the "everyday" foods.
    I eat an apple everyday now, and I love it. I bought a muesli bar thing from the servo because I was missing lunch today, and it was terrible :( Stupid thing.