Thursday, March 11, 2010

New training goal and size 12 jeans

So for those of you who have just joined my blog, I probably need to bring you up to speed with what happened to me at the beginning of the year.  Well it actually started last year, around November my boot camp started asking people to submit their stories for how boot camp had helped them achieve their goals.  At the time I'd lost about 25kg so I thought gotta be in to win it.  Initially they were offering the prize of a beauty voucher, but they soon added free membership for the year and a trophy.  My first week back to boot camp, a strange man showed up at my session with a trophy and I was awarded Boot Camper of the Year.  It was very exciting mostly because I felt the prize of free training for the year to be a HUGE BONUS!

So anyway I promised my sister that if I won I would make a date to come once a month and train with her and her trainer, Trainer Christian, he is a HARD ARSE!  hehehehehe but somehow in a manage in the depths of feeling like I'm going to die to be able to do things I didn't know I could do and it makes me push myself in my other training.  So Tuesday was the second month but Trainer Christian was away we had sweet Ms Jo, that cow was a wolf in sheeps clothing, all nice and sweet but kicking our arses just the same!  These monthly jaunts mean I have to double up.  Because they are on a Tuesday I train in the morning and then the evening.  I choose to do this because it really shakes up my routine and means one week a month I'm going extra hard.  But I have my one year anniversary coming up on April 12th, so I've decided to push a little harder for the next four weeks to maximise try to maximise my weightloss in that time.  I'd like to get as close to 40kg's lost as possible.  I don't want to further calorie restrict so I chose to kick up my exercise routine.  In doing this I'm back to my sister's next week to see Trainer Christian, I didn't think it was fair he'd missed his session with me! ;)

In addition I've spoken to Trainer Nate about a one on one session to create some weights to add to my program, I want to work at building some muscle, because it's good for you, the more muscle the more fat you burn!  As I've lost a considerable amount of weight, and even though I would like to lose more I want to minimise any saggy skin issues, I still don't know what the final effects are going to be, but the more I do to help hopefully the minimal damage will be visible.    In doing this Trainer Nate has started pushing me harder in the sessions as well, we had boxing again this morning which was HARD, because I am sore from my double training session Tuesday, but I'm not really complaining, I want him to push me harder.

So that's my plan for the next few weeks.  I've let Trainer Nate know my plan and I am sure at the end I'll be ordered to take a rest period as he's quite big on that so I know I'll be OK. 

So what was the best thing about today?  My new purchase, size 12 jeans!  How exciting is that?  Well it is and it isn't.  We all know by now that Australia is just rubbish in the clothes size stakes, with no sizing standards, shop to shop and collection to collection can vary, leaving the average Australian woman confused about her actual size, especially when you can have 3 clothes sizes in your closet!  Now Target have always been a little generous in their sizes at times I have found PARTICULARLY in their jeans, even when I was a 26 top and 22 pants I was only an 18 in Target jeans but heck who cares!  A couple of weeks ago I tried on a 14 and thought they were pretty spot on but decided today to try a 12 and found them perfect.  Now I don't like my jeans loose, so I am sure that helps too, but hey if a piece of clothing tagged 12 makes me feel great who am I to deny myself!  They had 20% so I got some more discounted workout pants and tops as well, round the $7 and $11 mark, can't have too many work out clothes! :D

Do you have a goal you are working towards or have you discovered something enjoyable in the exercise you do?  I've actually come to enjoy running, I think I like endurance better if I can control my pace then I can go for much longer than if I'm forced into a pace I find uncomfortable, that is unless I know what the end point is, I can run faster if I know it's only going to last a shorter period of time.  Now I'm rambling!  Anyway, it's not for everyone but maybe in your journey you've uncovered a swimmer or a bike rider or a secret penchance for pole dancing? ;)  Who knows, but feel free to let me know about it! 


  1. There was a big paragraph in there that made me dizzy reading it, lol. Had to give it a crack like three times!!

    Anyhow, what I was going to say is this... Clothes sizes suck arse. I can be anywhere from a 10 - 16, depending on where I get the clothes from. So dumb. I even have a pair of size 18 jeans that are still (kind of) fitting me... so wierd, so ridiculous...
    Well done on the size 12 jeans though, that's AWESOME. Makes shopping for winter that little bit more exciting huh :)

    I have a goal. I went and bought a size 10 pair of rivers jeans. I want to wear them in June, so that's my goal.
    As for exercise wise, I've discovered a triathlete!!
    I always knew I could swim, that was a given... but watching too many Gatorade ads with that Chris Lee dude who did the Ironman inspired me way too much...

    But I also discovered a pain barrier... which is something I haven't seen for at least ten years and was training every day. And although it's caused some injuries and things pushing through it, mentally, I know I can make it.
    (Yes, massive change of tune from yesterday!!)

    Hope your enjoying your extra long weekend!!


  2. Sorry chook, I went and put in an extra space! I was just typing and then didn't re-read, naughty me!

    Yes clothes sizings are just crazy, but hey you gotta take the good with the bad, and I'll take the size 12 jeans! hehehehehe

    The thing with triatholon's is that I'm not a very good swimmer, I'm considering getting a bike though, nothing too flash something extra to add into the routine!