Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Jeans and Tank top Milestone...

Another post today to celebrate another small milestone.  One of the things I always wanted to be able to do when heavier was to wear that tank/t-shirt and jeans combo and look half way decent.  Today I decided to wear my new size 12 jeans and while deciding on a top I yanked out a tank and popped it on, pleased with the effect I later topped it with a short sleeved cardy and out I went!

It's been quite important for me to take photos along this journey, it's only recently that the picture in my head of how I look is starting to match how I actually look in photos.  This has been quite out of sync for some time.

I look forward to getting more involved with weights as I feel the need to really get some areas much more toned! ;)

I also have suspected that my bra size was changing, and so I went and tried on a couple of smaller sizes and low and behold my suspicions were correct!  So I picked up a couple more sports bras in the smaller sizes, because it's important to keep the girls in tight when running and the like! hehehehehe

1 comment:

  1. Seriously, you look awesome!!

    Now, I want to see some glitter, sequins, heels and a nice little bag, and we're hitting the TOWN!