Monday, March 15, 2010

One Year Anniversary Goals - 4 weeks to go

The 12th April is my one year anniversary since embarking on this journey. From today that's exactly four weeks.  So I am embarking on a personal challenge, there are some things I want to attempt to achieve by then.  I'll be realistic, but anything on top of that is gravy.... or some non food item hehehe.

So I'll ramp up my exercise, I did this just before Christmas, even though I gave myself the day off on Christmas Day I increased my exercise to help get me a step ahead.  I only work that hard for short periods of time, because this is a lifestyle and both exercise and food have to be sustainable for the long term.  Training too hard for too long can cause, burnout and injuries, so I focus on a short sustainable burst, after which I'll have a recovery period and then get back into a more regular training mode.

So my aim is to get as close to a 40 kg loss as possible currently I'm at 36.9 kg.  Now 3.1 kg in four weeks is doable, but I'm also at a stage where anything could happen, I could plateau or my body could just refuse to co-operate or it could just slow right down.  So I will have to see how it goes, I refuse to be hard on myself for simply trying. 

My first pit stop is 37.5 kg's lost that will mean I have a BMI in the overweight range rather than the obese range.  Seeing I started out in the morbidly obese category this will be quite a nice pit stop to make.

What comes on top of that will be a super bonus.

So be sure to check in and see how I am doing, I'll be reporting progress along the way.


  1. You know I'll be here... it's a race to 75kg now by the looks, lol.
    You are so going to kick my arse!

  2. No race, just friendly encouragement! ;)