Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pain pain go away....

Wowzers I completely forgot how smashed you can get doing weights.  Trainer Nate came over for a one on one and showed me and my two kitty cats how to knock myself for six almost.  Hehehehe they were pretty confused to see a strange man in the house but Buffy can't help herself if it means getting her ears or belly rubbed.  For the most part the stayed out of the way a few runs back to the exercise room from the balcony they were used as obstacles, all a part of the process!  Anyway, some skipping and a variety of compound exercises with considerably heavy weights for me!  And some nasty nasty lunges with 20 kg weights, that I was supposed to bicep curl on the way up but physically couldn't! hehehehe followed by man push ups!  Damn!  I laughed at him and said I will try and then did them.  I still need to work on optimal depth he said that will come as I get stronger.

This session was then followed by boot camp the next morning (yesterday) more leg bashing with step ups and squat jumps onto the platform we had been using for step ups and more skipping!  Arrrgggg I hate it but love it because I know it's good for me hehehehe.

Today I just did a lazy jog, and ONLY because I knew moving was going to help my shoulders and bum more than not doing anything.... they are soooo sore today.  I texted my trainer that I hated him, he thinks it's funny!

Maybe he won't find it so funny tomorrow when I have the boxing gloves on and "accidently" punch him in the nose tee hee hee!

Ahhh soreness is one of those other things we love and hate, we love to feel it because we know it means we worked out tooshies off!  But then we want it to go away because ... well you know ... it hurts! :D

Back to Trainer Christian next week ahhhhh I really am a glutton for punishment aren't I!?

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  1. But it's working chick.

    I think the word my mum uses for me is "masochist" lol. I was the same with my tri training. Could hardly move all day after a tri, but I had a ball.

    5 more work days till Hong Kong :D