Wednesday, May 26, 2010


As promised I took a picture in my new dress, with my boots, hehehehehe I think I'll ask to be buried in my precious boots, anyway I like the picture better than my one from 2 days ago, so I'm adding it as well! :D

Had a really hard double session yesterday, Trainer Nate truly hammered me, I had a 1300 calorie burn a max heart rate of 95% and an average of 80%.  While somewhat disappointed as there were times the word vomit entered my head so I thought I had maxed my heart rate I was pleased with the average, and just general pleased with my ability to complete the sessions, with boxing up second and several sets of burpees, I even impressed myself with my endurance, I guess! :D

Tomorrow we are boxing first and second session is a circuit so I shall see how that makes a difference and what new series of torture Trainer Nate can consider for me!  It's an interesting change but I am hoping my morning classes will be back soon.

Happy hump day all, hope you are all eating well, exercising hard, and working through those issues one step at a time!

Finally thanks to all the lovelies who left comments on my blog at CK and the lovely Berys who even commented twice!  You are all MY inspiration! :D

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