Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another 6 weeks and a New PB!

Wowzers can you believe it's been six weeks again already!?

We tested again this morning and boy am I over the moon with my beep test. 

Here are my results:

Six weeks ago: ------------- Six weeks on

Beep test: 7.3 --------------- 10.1
Pushups one minute: 45----- 47
Wall sit: 174 secs ----------- 181
Plank: 181 secs ------------- 187
Flexibility: 14 --------------- 16

Let me put this into some perspective for you, when I first started boot camp my beep test was 2.4.  Mostly over time as I have improved I've gone an extra 4 or 5 shuttles, I was stoked when at the beginning of the year I hit 6.0 because 6.0 is average, now I've shot right up into the Very Good category!

I'm super pleased and find this really shows such an improvement for me from the girl that almost couldn't walk up the stairs!  When I first started and got my piddly 2.4 some of the other girls were running 7 and 8's and I thought I'm never gonna be able to do that, and look at me now!

I guess that 8km on Sunday helped must make sure I do that before every beep test hehehehehe.

My next step is the City 2 Surf.  Trainer Nate is going to sit down with me and we are going to work on a schedule for what I should be aiming for and doing in the lead up to that.  I'm excited about the next 6 weeks too as he said he'd be bringing in some new moves and some kettle bell work etc, so I always like the something new added in!  Gotta keep pushing.

As he's also been making me do pushups on my toes I think I'm ready to switch the testing push ups to the big man one's as well.  Just to have a new aim!

Keep up the great work everyone, one step, one day, one choice at a time.  We all struggle but everytime you push through you move a step closer to whatever it is you want.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Far too philosophical for me today man...
    But, you're right. I had my revelation yesterday, and you are totally right. It's not just about numbers, and being too analytical is doing my head in!!

    Happy Friday for me anyway, sleep in tomorrow, woot! Have a good weekend :D