Monday, May 24, 2010

Over the 42 mark....

Now that I've hit over 42kg lost (that's 93.3 pounds!) I decided it was time for a new photo, I've kept it casual but my top is a $7 bargain buy from K-mart hehehehe I love the sale racks these days as there is often stuff I can find that fits.

While the scale weight has been slower of late, I'm still losing cm's I notice it in my clothes, in fact I had to go out and buy new pants in 12's my 14's were just feeling too loose! (Drama! hahahaah NOT!).

I also got myself a pair of skinny jeans, whilst I always thought I'd never buy a pair I didn't realise they are the best jeans to wear with knee high boots!  Don't mock me about it OK..... I never had knee high boots before either! :D  I have a new dress too I may take a photo of it later in the week!

So I was also going through some photos I didn't think I could find a worse before picture than I previously had, and then came across a picture where I think I look even bigger than my current before picture.

So anyway I add it here so you can see it compared to my current now picture!

So I've still no word on when my morning classes are starting fingers crossed there will be news this week, but I've taken the opportunity to really mix things up.  I doubled up with sessions on Thursday last week and plan to do so on both Tuesday and Thursday this week, really go for maximum all out effort.

I did some running this week and reached a personal best of running 6.7km without stopping.  I quite like running in the cool of the night with the darkness it seems easy to zone out just listening to the sound of my ipod while pounding the pavement, I have a couple of good hills and a stretch of road which is quite bumpy in ups and downs, all good practice for the City 2 Surf.  All good training for the snow too I am sure!

I cooked up a nice big pot of spaghetti sauce with lots of vegetables, I portioned out some in spaghetti portions, a couple to chuck on some sweet potatoes and another mountain bread lasagne, makes me feel like I am eating something yummy and stodgy but not heavy and fattening! :D

It's only Monday but I wish you all a good week! Remember it's a lifestyle just keep plugging away!

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  1. Tia Wow you look great and congratulations on such a great loss