Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Not Happy Jan...

I had a bit of a down weekend.... it happens hey, I gave in to some of my prior instincts.... but I've chosen to look at it as a good thing because this is what I discovered.  I can no longer eat a whole block of chocolate!  Even though they've changed it and the block seems smaller.  AND despite Homer Hudson bringing out Chocolate Chip cookie dough ice-cream I also can no longer a whole tub of ice-cream either (and I'm talking those small expensive tubs!).  Well I suppose the drive was there, but I realised I was full and stopped.  And then rather than leaving it all to play with another day, I chucked the leftover chocolate and ice-cream down the sink and in the bin.  So interesting lessons observed here for me.  I used to scoff these things like I was never going to see them again, I think I've finally cracked the fear and the idea I can have them if I want to, so I don't have to eat my body weight in them like I will never see them again!  Interesting :D

So in addition I was none to happy to find out that my morning boot camp class has been delayed for a couple of weeks due to lack of numbers.  I don't suppose I should be too surprised, 9 of us started and only 3 finished.  Only me and one other girl signed up to return.... winter shminter, bloody wooses.

Anyway so I've been offered a place in any other class obviously, but there are no morning one's close enough, and so I chose my current trainer's evening classes.  Except my boot camp neglected to send me an email, letting me know that the venue had changed, so in the cold, wet, dark last night I found myself at a dark empty field wondering where the heck everyone was.  Lucky I have my trainer's number but had to navigate to another site a good 15 minutes away from where I was.... NOT a happy bunny.  I don't care that I "won" free training for the year, I'm still a customer you know!  So the office got a slightly dirty email from this morning expressing my annoyance!

While everyone else re-tested Trainer Nathan put through my paces including some burpees and some pushups that involved, dumbbells, a rowing action and an arm out to the side action which left the new girls scared and me laughing that I could even do one! But a good burn and a good work out nonetheless which I channelled some of my annoyance into.

Best of all (I think) Trainer Nathan does two back to back sessions and suggested that I might like to double up if I so choose.  So I might give that a go as a bit of a shake up and also as a bit of slap to think twice about that chocolate and ice-cream again! :D

That's it, I'm all sulky with not too much to say that isn't whingy, so I'll say happy hump day and slink off to my corner to get over myself! ;D

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