Tuesday, September 14, 2010

No rest for the wicked....

Trucking along, still learning, figuring stuff out and letting stuff go hahahahaha it's such an ongoing process!

Last night went to Trainer Christian, this is what he made us do.  He started by explaining the three moves he wanted us to do.  He paired us up with an olympic barbell which weighs about 20kg's.  Then showed us that the moves were a squat with the bar on our chest, a squat and press up, and a press up from the chest, using our legs as needed.  Our aim was this 100 reps of each. WTF, that's the look on all our faces.  This was the plan, one person started and did as many reps as they could, when they could do no more they dropped the bar and went for a shortish jog while the next person started.  So the more reps you could get out the less runs you had to do.  We could do them in any order.  My partner and I decided the squat and press was the worst and we'd get that out of the way followed by the press and then pump out the squats, unfortunately by the time we finished the squat press she could barely lift the bar, so she went onto squats and I went straight into presses, my arms were dead by the end I tell you and then lucky her by the time she finished her squats Trainer Christian took pity on her (so unlike him) and gave her a smaller bar.  Bugger that will teach me!

You'd think that would be it wouldn't you but guess what.... it wasn't.  After that he had one more thing instore for us, partnering us up slightly differently in pairs we had a rowing competition.  10 x 100 meters, with 15secs of rest in which we swapped with our partner so each of us doing 500 meters each in total.  Then the average would be checked and a winner announced! EEEEKK!!!  I have difficulty getting out of the stirrups in a hurry but my partner was great and helped me, when he got on the rower he rowed so hard, it started to hop across the room! hahahhahahhaha It was like death but guess what me and my partner won! hahahahahahhahaha woohoo!  VOMIT! hahahahahhahaha

OK that was it finally, stretch and then the next hour spent trying to get my arms to stop shaking and back to stop burning.  God there's something so incredible about it you want to die when you are doing it, but you feel so awesome when you are done.

The rest of the week is Boot camp and Hypoxi followed by the 9km bridge run on Sunday.  No rest for the wicked! With only 4kg's left to goal I really want to try to knock it out rather than stretch it out.  And Hypoxi definitely seems to help out there, so watch out birthday here I come, you might not be a significant number but it's definitely a re-birth of the new, better and healthier me. :D

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