Monday, September 6, 2010

Embrace it.....

Wow hey, who knew what a weekend could change? How you feel about yourself, how far you've come, how ready you are to really get out there and meet Mr Right???   My girl Alex had her birthday on the weekend and we've been looking forward to it for weeks. A couple of weeks ago I went into Crossroads with the intent of buying a red top I'd seen but I didn't like it once it was on, the lady told me to try this blue strapless top on.... I almost didn't first of all strapless hahahahah right and blue, the only blue stuff I have in my wardrobe are my jeans! hehehehehe but I tried it on anyway and wow I loved it. I grabbed the skirt to go with it, and then even went and bought stillettos, two pairs actually the first my wardrobe have ever seen! :D

My girls were then insistent we all get spray tans (another new experience for me!) and I saw myself a colour I've never been before (my European heritage leaves me white, burnt or peeling!)

Anyway I'd had a tough week, trying to process a few things in my personal life, and I really wanted to try to engage in an effort to tighten up that gap I have in my head between how I look and how I think I look! (I think a couple of glasses of wine helped with that as well! hahahaha)

So here I am in my outfit all glitzed up for a girls night out, and no pantyhose (eek what would mother think!) I just can't explain it, I'm not and never have been a big party girl, clubs and the like they haven't really been my thing.... but I have so much fun with these girls and feel good and confident doing it, and I think even if it's just for a short period of time I should embrace these experiences and all that they give me along with the memories (the ones that I can remember when I'm not half sloshed! :D)

Even Trainer Nate and Trainer Heath came along to enjoy the frivolity, see Trainer Nate with all his Smurfettes. He's like our big brother keeping a watchful eye on all of us, watching us blossom and embrace change.

I admit recovery is hard hahahahahaha I am a few years older than everyone else, but I'm not doing it every weekend, just special occassions. Admittedly I'm so enamoured with my blue top I'm considering wearing it to my School reunion on Saturday dressed down with jeans..... but stillettos of course!

It's a big change from that 130kg girl and only 15 months ago. Currently I can't weigh myself because the batteries have died in my Wii Fit and I keep forgetting to buy batteries, so I'm waiting to see how my Hypoxi results turn out, especially as I've noticed clothes changes again after only one week of Hypoxi. I put on my grey dress that I bought last time I did Hypoxi and I mean I loved it but it was snug (figured I'd get more wear out of it). This morning I put it on and I could move it around the hip area, and then one of the girls at work commented that the dress was already starting to get a little loose! So I guess it wasn't in my head after all! So I say weight schmait right now as long as cm's keep going down I'm doing damn OK!

That's it for today I think, my girl Ros and I are off to Trainer Christian tonight and we are both still struggling to recover from Saturday night, methinks it won't be pretty, and then we follow it up with Trainer Nate tomorrow night, we are such gluttons for punishment.... but I just know the boys love it! :D

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  1. OMG you look so amazing! You really are the biggest inspiration (it's DOGDAYSUNRISE from CK btw!). I've been keeping track of your blog since you replied to my message on there... Actually I just realised I didn't reply back to that! But anyway, congratulations and well done, I hope you're as proud of yourself as I know so many other people must be :)