Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Run4Fun - 7th November

So completed my 5th fun run for the year.

So here are my results.  The average finish time was 1.05 so I was pleased to be a little under average or is I mean over, well I did better than the average, you all know what I mean right! :D  Based on the bridge run I figured I should have been able to attempt for under 60mins BUT yes I am going to throw in an excuse, I had my two week break, then took another week before I managed to get back into some running training, and then well a week passed again and the run was here.  So with my lack of training I figured I'd aim for under the 65mins and managed it.  I like the half way splits, and knew I lost it a little in the second half of the run, so at least I know what to work on! :D

Most excitingly though I finally got a couple of shots where you can see me!! Not crossing the line, but still this first one here is me sprinting for the finish line as I've just entered the stadium and hoofed it! :D  I like how fit I'm looking! :D See what progress I am making, I can see it in the picture and say it out loud! I really can! :D

These ones are from the start see how my hair is dry! 

So that's it for the year with the fun runs, next year is beating all the times from the fun runs I entered, throw in a couple of extra for good measure and train for a half marathon.  There's one on the 6th or something of January called the Resolution Run (ie, my news resolution is to get fit, for me I suppose it's fitter! :D)  They have an 11km and a 5.5km I thought it would be a great way to start the year attempting the 5.5km in under 30 mins.  It's at Sydney Olympic Park (which is where I just did my 10km one) so it's easy to get to and I already know where to park! :D

Happy hump day all!  Hope you are having a good week.


  1. Hello Tia!

    I have a blog, very similar in the idea to yours, I was looking for my blog in google and found yours coincidentally. I could not read it all yet, even with short look I see that you have made wonderful progress. This was very inspiring and I will go on following you!

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